Prax Consulting is managed by Dipl. Kfm. Thomas Prax who also founded the company. Mr Prax is a German citizen and licensed as a certified public accountant (CPA) in the USA.

During the past 20 years Mr Prax has held executive positions at two of the so-called Big 4 auditing companies in Germany. Using the expertise collected in these firms, he has created a concept which allows his company to quickly and systematically analyse both the historic finance data and future planning data of a target company, in order to close deals before the competitors do. This instrument also makes it possible to identify so-called „Deal-Breakers“ early on and, in agreement with the client, to terminate a deal if this is in their interests.

Since 2001 Mr Prax has been advising clients exclusively in relation to company acquisitions – disposals, generation succession, mergers or joint ventures. Our professional experience in this area is, therefore, very comprehensive. For reasons of confidentiality, we have not provided any references here.

All of our employees are obliged to remain up to date and take part in continuous professional development, something which our clients profit from. Each year a minimum of 40 hours are required. As the Anglo-American economic area leads the way, theoretically and practically, in the development of Mergers & Acquisitions, training takes place in American institutions directly or via e-learning. It is important for us that tests are completed after such training events for the purpose of reviewing and documenting the course content. The seminar is concluded for the employee only after successful completion of the test of the relevant training institute.