After a successful company purchase, „business as usual“ is not a very promising strategy for the subsequent integration of the company which was purchased. Any extra charge included in the purchase price (goodwill / premium) has only been a wise investment if the planned synergies are implemented quickly and efficiently. A swift implementation, including the need to concentrate on the essentials whilst making use of the momentum resulting from the Merger & Acquisition, are therefore decisive for a successful integration.

Our Post Deal Services include:

  • integration management: analysis of the integration risks and chances as well as the formulation and implementation of solutions; these items are already dealt with during the Due Diligence process; they cannot, however, be concluded until after the transaction has been completed;
  • identification and implementation of the necessary Day1-Day100 activities
  • ongoing, detailed value driver analysis as well as synergy tracking
  • assuring the financial standards of the subsidiary company are in line with those of the parent company
  • harmonisation of the financial management systems (reporting and controlling), important for complying with the requirements of the financing banks or financial investors
  • analysis of the organisational culture
  • Adaptation of the organisational culture

As every Merger & Acquisition has its own distinct character, we will work together with you to produce a made to measure catalogue of tasks. The processing of these tasks logically follows a successful Merger & Acquisition. Our list of Post Deal Services is, therefore, not comprehensive and items which are of importance to you can be added at any time.